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Effective Gross Income [EGI]
Term used for an income-producing property, derived from the potential gross income, less a vacancy factor and a collection loss amount.

Equity Participation
The right of a Lender to a share in the gross profits, net profits or net proceeds in the event of a sale or refinance of a property on which the Lender has made a loan. Also known as an equity kicker.

Estoppel Certificate
A document by which a tenant certifies to a Lender that all rental amounts due and owing are current, and that the Landlord is in compliance with all terms and conditions of the Lease. Also, a document by which the mortgagor (borrower) certifies that the mortgage debt is a lien for the amount stated. The debtor is thereafter prevented from claiming that the balance due differs from the amount stated.

Expense Ratio
A comparison of the operating expenses to potential gross income. This ratio can be compared over time and with that of other properties to determine the relative operating efficiency of the property considered.

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