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Fair Market Value [FMV]
An economic concept designating the price at which a willing seller and willing buyer will agree when both parties are acting prudently, knowledgeably, and under no compulsion to sell or buy.

First Mortgage
A lien on property in which the lenders claims are superior to the rights of subsequent lenders. Certain lenders only make first mortgages due to regulatory requirements; others limit mortgages to these senior instruments due to company policy.

Fixed Expenses
Expenditures such as property taxes, license fees, and property insurance that are not directly affected, by the occupancy of the property. Fixed expenses along with operating expenses are subtracted from effective gross income to determine the net operating income of property.

Forward Commitment
An agreement between a permanent lender and an interim (typically construction) lender wherein the permanent lender issues a conditional commitment that will replace the construction loan once a given set of terms and conditions have been achieved.

Fully Amortized Mortgage Loan
A loan that is fully repaid at maturity by periodic (monthly) reductions of the principal. The first part of each monthly payment covers interest on the outstanding debt as of the payment due date and the remainder of the payment goes to reduce the outstanding debt.

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